Monet Crush, 2009

This film was made as part of the Paradise II exhibition at Blank Gallery and Studios in Portslade, 2009. You can read more about the project here –

‘instead of taking a photograph or making a painting about “Resampling”, we wanted to think about the ideas and what we wanted to say and then find a way of saying it that was, I guess, more efficient. Another part of the structure was the critiques. Everybody met up once a month for nine months and people basically brought their work and discussed it. Everyone had to produce at least once piece for the final show. Another rule was the use of found objects, to link the work back to the idea of “Resampling”. Also we asked people not to make a personal piece, and this was quite important for the exhibition because we wanted the artists to separate from their work and find a sense of humour with it.’ Tila Rodrigues-Past, co curator of the project, An Interview with curators Ned and Tila, October 29, 2009.

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